Original title: Ž
Anticipated length: 110′
Writer and director: Katarina Zrinka Matijević
Producers: Tamara Babun & Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, REACT Development Fund

Jelena Zrinski was proclaimed the bravest woman in Europe, but she died exiled in Asia Minor. Ivana Brlić Mažuranić is the most translated children’s books author in the world, who took her own life by hanging herself in a Zagreb sanatorium. Nasta Rojc is a painter whose paintings call for a revision of the start date of the European avant-garde. But during her lifetime, she was never appreciated by her professional environment and, due to her sexual orientation and uninhibited personality, she was excluded from public life. The destinies of the three heroines are intertwined in the imagined world between life and death through a series of events, both tragic and comic, as they search for their greatest loves – a son, a doctor and a wife – and find their true selves.