Original title: Borac
Anticipated length: 80′
Writer and director: Damir Markovina
DOP: Tomislav Krnić
Producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-producer: Damir Markovina / Osoba D
Executive producer: Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre

THE FIGHTER is a film about the final sum of a moral life and repercussions of consistent political choices on one’s family, safety and social position. The author’s father Roko Markovina is living his retirement days restoring old boats on an island. From this point in his life we go back in time and revisit Roko’s role in politics during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina where he relentlessly advocated for peace and against nationalism. He survived several assassinations attempts and his whole family had to leave the country as both war and political refugees. Through archive materials we find out about his political activity and position. Through the newly filmed material we understand what the consequences of his activity are on him and the life path his family members were thrown in and if there are any regrets on his part. Damir Markovina, the director of the film, will participate in front of the camera as an active character and the challenging father-son relationship will play a significant role in how the story reveals itself to the audience.