Original title: Godina prođe, dan nikako
Anticipated length: 80′
Writer and director: Renata Lučić
DOP: Marinko Marinkić
Producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Expected completion date: June 2022

A Year of Endless Days follows two men from a small village in the eastern part of Croatia, Tomislav and Joso. They are in their 50s and we find them living without their wives. Mostly in search of means for a better life, these women went to work abroad a few years back. They found new partners and moved there permanently. We are introduced to the film by the director, who is also the narrator, and the protagonist of the film Renata. She is Tomislav’s daughter, and the story begins with her coming to her home village to visit her father. Throughout the film, Renata follows Tomislav and Joso in their daily life routines. During their comic social gatherings, the two friends often have conversation where, besides having a good time, they complain and lament, and through their communication we discover their life stories and we understand and get to know them as people. The film is mostly based on the observation mode from Renata’s perspective, but at times she is participating by asking the guys questions, discussing something with them and also taking part in their activities. She is trying to untangle the complex web of emotions in her disintegrated family and to understand why her parents made the decisions they did, why some people stay and some people go and how come it is that she also ran away from the village in which she was born, like most women and young people did.