Matija Drniković was born in Zagreb in 1993. He graduated in film production from the Academy of Dramatic Art. He has been actively professionally involved in film industry from his early days of studying film. He worked at Nukleus film where he was involved in different international film productions. He was a creative writer at Nanobit, the biggest video game company in Croatia. He was mainly responsible for creating storylines, stories and various content for narrative-driven mobile games. He’s currently working with Wolfgang & Dolly and is involved in all of the company’s projects. Matija has won two business plans and pitching start-up competitions with his virtual reality application and a video game. He participated in numerous workshops such as Screen Leaders, EAVE (Marketing and Ties That Bind), Sarajevo Talents, MAIA, Midpoint TV Launch and Al-Jazeera Balkans documentary workshop. He is a member of European Film Academy. Pelican is his first feature film as a producer. He is fascinated by films and video games and he tries to combine those two passions within the same projects whenever possible. He is equally fascinated by films from the Greek new wave and films such as Matilda, the psychic girl. As a matter of fact, he saw Matilda seven times! His film career goal is to produce a very special arthouse version of Matilda.