Aleksandar Arsovski (born September 11, 1996) is a film director and producer. He was born in Veles, Macedonia. He completed his undergraduate studies in “Film and TV Directing”; at the Film Academy at Goce Delčev University in Štip, Macedonia (2015-2018), and then continued his graduate studies in “Production of Audiovisual and Multimedia Projects”; at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb., where he graduated in February 2022.

He has also worked in the field of film distribution for period of 5 years, as a coordinator on the VOD platform and as a coordinator at a several film festivals held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Aleksandar is producer of a several projects as: „Alone“ by Borna Zidarić, „Tobacco Shop“ by Dora Slakoper, „Ženska Rađa“ by Ljubica Kotromanović, „Mother“ by Gjorgji Lazov etc. He has worked on various projects: feature and documentary films, and television drama series. Some of them are: “God exists, her name is Petrunya”; directed by Teona S. Mitevska, “Into the Night”; Netflix TV series, „A Mermaid in Paris“ by Mathias Malzieu, “Dar-Mar”; Nova TV, etc.
Aleksandar is currently working with Wolfgang & Dolly and is involved in some of the company’s projects, but also developing new concepts for television.